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Vision 2028


During the 2022-23 academic year the Bishop O’Gorman Administration and School Board embarked on the process of developing a strategic growth plan for our entire school system. Through an extensive evaluation of the current environment of Bishop O’Gorman, we have developed goals and strategies that we feel address the areas of opportunity, growth, and the evolution of Catholic education. Bishop O’Gorman engaged with the nationally recognized consulting firm of Meitler to form a compelling vision and practical plan that will move the school community toward its desired future. 

This new strategic plan builds upon the work that was completed with our past strategic plans which focused on faith, programs, personnel, growth and finances. “Anchored in Our Faith” committees focused on four pillars when developing the strategic growth plan: Ministry (Catholic Life & Culture), Excellence (Academics and Faculty & Staff), Leadership & Governance, Operational Vitality (Enrollment Management, Facilities, Advancement and Finance) The goals and strategies found within the strategic plan are designed to assist us in continuing our emphasis on providing a faith-filled, challenging educational environment across all grade levels that establishes a solid foundation for each and every child’s future success. This strategic plan would not have been possible without the tremendous support and assistance from the greater Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools community; and to all of those individuals who took the time to assist us with this plan, we say thank you for your continued support of our schools. We would especially like to say “thank you” to the members of the Planning Task Force and Steering Committees and the various small groups for their commitment and dedication to the successful completion of this project. We ask that you take the time to review the goals and strategies of each pillar. We thank you for your continued prayers for the successful implementation of this strategic plan. Your continued support of Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools is greatly appreciated!



Strategic Plan - Goal Videos

Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools has begun initiating our "Anchored in our Faith" strategic growth plan. Within this plan, our four pillars: Ministry, Excellence, Leadership/Governance, and Operational Vitality encompass detailed goals and strategies to propel our educational system forward.

We have been sharing videos on each goal and the strategies that we are working on to support these goals. Please click on the videos below to listen to us explain each of the pillars of our strategic growth plan.

As we embark on this journey towards our preferred future, we are excited to partner with you, our Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools families. Together, we shall strive to bring this vision to fruition, ensuring that Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools continue to flourish and provide a superior Catholic educational experience for all our students.