Financial Aid

We want every child who desires a quality Catholic education to be able to attend Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools. We offer scholarships, grants, and a high school work study program to make this possible.

Thanks to the financial commitment of the Catholic parishes of Sioux Falls, tuition for each student is made more affordable through parish subsidies. Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools awards more than $1.4 million annually in financial assistance. Families with 3 or more enrolled students are offered a family discount within online enrollment. Online financial aid applications are available annually during our enrollment period (generally late February). The deadline for financial aid applications is April 1st annually.

Families will be notified of high school work study assignments and foundation scholarships in May.
We will notify families of any additional financial assistance grants during the first week of June. 

How to Apply

Step One: Enroll Your Child

Enroll your child(ren) in one of our 8 schools before submitting an application for Financial Aid. For more information, click the button below! 


Step Two: Complete Application

You must complete a financial aid application in TADs.  All required documentation must be uploaded by the deadline to be considered.


Step Three: Apply for Scholarships

Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools Foundation Scholarship applications are available on our website or as part of the TADs financial aid application. Applications will be available beginning in February. 

Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools Foundation


South Dakota Partners in Education

We also encourage families to research the South Dakota Partners in Education Scholarship, which is a part of South Dakota’s Tax Credit Program. Qualifying families may apply for these state scholarships on the South Dakota Partners in Education website: