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About O'G

  • O'Gorman currently has 19 international students from seven different countries.
  • Homestays are available through the school and they apply directly through the International Student Coordinator.
  • O'Gorman has campus ministry and service opportunities, in which students grow their understanding of what it means to show compassion and concern for the most vulnerable in society. 
  • O'Gorman has ACT preparatory classes in the fall and in the spring.
  • O'Gorman has a strong STEM focus with a total of 23 AP and Dual Credit courses. 

Coming to a high school in a foreign country can be challenging for anybody. To ease the transition, OGHS provides programs designed especially for international students, including a semester-long orientation for all new international students.

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International Student Coordinator
+001.605. 575. 3320

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