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Choi: South Korea to O'G

by Margaret Althoff

Yujin Choi is an international student from South Korea currently studying here at O'Gorman. He is a sophomore taking multiple complex and challenging courses in hopes of continuing his education in college. 

Of all the classes Choi is taking, he says the hardest is AP Calculus. "It is definitely a fun and interesting class with Mr. Lindemann," Choir said. "But it can get challenging at times as the subject requires mathematical knowledge from prior classes to explore and understand new concepts." 

Coming from South Korea, there are many challenges here in America. "Definitely transport. Public transport was highly developed in Korea and I never needed my own modes of transportation," Choi said. "Here, I can't get anywhere without a ride."

Choi found out about O'Gorman through a family friend that recently studied here. Choi looks forward to furthering his education by attending college here in America where he can "...have opportunities to experience more than what is just pen and paper," Choi said.

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“My favorite parts of O'Gorman are the variety of classes available and the positive
academic atmosphere.”

- O’Gorman student from South Korea

"I have seen great progress in my child's oral English and his ability to organize the English language. During summer vacation, we went to a Toastmaster's English club [in our hometown]. He stepped onto the stage voluntarily and gave an impromptu speech with confidence. He shows confidence and better English expression than before." 

-Parent of an O'Gorman student from China

“Studying abroad is really worth it even though
it might not be exactly what you pictured. 
It's not scary, and you will get to experience
a lot of new things that will definitely
be useful in the future.”

- O’Gorman student from Thailand
“My favorite class currently is AP US History because I get to learn more about the US,
and it also helped me adjust to the new culture because I understood how things worked.”

- O’Gorman student from Thailand

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