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Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools is committed to providing the highest quality preschool programming for its earliest learners. All six of our elementary schools have received Exemplary distinction by the School Administrators of South Dakota Levels of Excellence rating. Our highly qualified, early childhood certified teachers create a supportive and developmentally appropriate learning environment where they guide each child's faith journey, and the development of foundational skills, social/emotional skills, vocabulary skills, and early number understanding through structured activities, creative play, and 'hands-on' learning. 

We offer full day or half day flexible scheduling options for children ages 3-5. 


While each of our eight schools is unique, we are all part of the Bishop O'Gorman Catholic School community. 

We are committed to:

  • Prioritizing academic excellence: Striving for success in every student
  • Spiritual nurturing of the mind and body: Educating the whole person
  • Providing a safe learning environment: Instilling character and confidence in your child
  • Instilling traditional values: Teaching the power of actions and the importance of upholding moral and ethical values
  • Strong parent involvement: Partnering with teachers and administration to support your child
  • Fostering social and emotional growth: Supporting the development of your child in all areas

If you’re imagining your child thriving in such an environment, then look no further!

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Sioux Falls Hope Coalition Partnership

Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools is partnering with the Sioux Falls Hope Coalition to preschool options for low-income families. Through this partnership, we want to help ensure every child gets a chance to attend preschool. For more information about our partnership or to learn more about the Sioux Falls Hope Coalition, click the button below. 

Sioux Falls Hope Coalition