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Alumni Giving

GO GIVE OG Day is an opportunity for us to show our gratitude and to give back to help those that desire the same Catholic education we were all fortunate enough to receive. 

Our next Go Give OG Day is May 1st, 2023!  

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This program is designed to help students both now and in the future. When you sign up we will deduct just $10 per month (or more if you choose) from your bank account for a total annual tuition assistance gift of $120. As alumni, this is an easy affordable way for us to pass on the gift of Catholic education that we received.

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Composite Restoration Fund 

The composite photos in the hallways at O’Gorman High School have become a staple for the building. Whether you graduated 50 years ago or one year ago, everyone loves to find their picture in the halls of O'Gorman. Over the years, the older composites have suffered significant wear and tear. To keep them around for years to come and in good condition, we have created a fund to restore the composites. 

Our goal is to raise $19,000 to restore more than 38 individual class composites.

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