Why We Wear Green

Have you ever wondered why it is that we sometimes wear green instead of blue at sporting events? 

It’s history! Back before O’Gorman High School was established, the Catholic high school in Sioux Falls was called Cathedral High School - located at the northeast corner of Fifth Street and Duluth Avenue, next to Cathedral of Saint Joseph.

Back then, Cathedral High School and Washington High School were the only two high schools in town. Cathedral High School’s mascot was the Irish and their school colors were green and gold.  

O’Gorman High School was established  in 1961. It was then that the Knights were born and the school colors were changed to blue and white. 

When Bob Burns became the coach at O’Gorman in 1976, he decided to honor the Cathedral history and legacy by wearing green jerseys every time his team played Washington High School. 

Whenever we play Washington at home, we wear green in homage to Cathedral High School and the old rivalry between the two schools. 



Rally ‘round the “Green and Gold.”
Our Cathedral colors bold. 
Raise her banner high and cheer with voices blithe
Rah! Rah! Cathedral High.
We will strive to bring her fame, 
Strong of heart and true to her name. 
We will ne’er forget her;
Make her name known better.
Rah! Rah! Cathedral High. 
Rah! Rah! Rah! 
Cheer, cheer for Cathedral High,
Send up her praises mounting the sky;
Ever loyal to her creed;
Never disgrace her by your deeds;
For God and country we will dare;
Onward the “Green and Gold” we will bear,
Loyal students to carry on
For good old Cathedral High.