Short-Term International Student Hosting

Are you interested in hosting an international student for a short-period of time? If so, we have two options for you!

The first option: You have the ability to become a respite family, which means you will host an international student when their full-time host family needs a little extra support. This could be because they are out of town for the weekend, on vacation during school time, or any other number of reasons. The international student would stay with you for one night, a weekend, or a couple of nights until their host family returns home.

The second option: You could host an international student who is attending O'Gorman for a few weeks. Some students come to the US to study for six to eight weeks while school in their home country is on break. They take that opportunity to attend classes in the US before they must return home.

If you are interested or want to learn more, please fill out the form below.