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Community Resource Flyers

As a service to community educational and recreational organizations, Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools may allow the distribution of informational materials from outside organizations. All persons representing these organizations must obtain permission from the central office prior to distribution.    

Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools neither endorses nor sponsors the organizations or activities represented in these materials. The distribution of these materials is provided solely as a community service.

Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools reserves the right to deny posting any material that is contrary to Catholic teaching and does not promote an educational or recreational activity for children. All material must align with the mission and values of Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools. 

Nov/Dec Issue
'hood Magazine
First page of the PDF file: HalfSeasonOG
Dakota Spirit
Half-Season Teams
First page of the PDF file: BOGCS_CommRsrces_2022_LourdesCenter_OGWebFlyer
The Lourdes Center
First page of the PDF file: AngieElephantFlyer
Elephant In The Room
Carroll Institute
First page of the PDF file: OGSoftballneedsYOU
Softball Needs YOU