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Elementary Uniform Policy

Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools’ commitment to a unified and respectful learning environment is reflected in our uniform policy. This policy has been shaped with valuable input from students, parents, and staff, aligning with the mission and philosophy of Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools.

At the core of our uniform policy is the belief that a student's sense of identity should be grounded in faith, character, and Christian dignity rather than outward appearance. Our goal is to support parents in choosing styles for their children that promote the virtue of modesty. This policy aims to manifest a visible expression of self-respect, rooted in dignity and reverence for God. By doing so, it seeks to eliminate the distractions of dress competition and fashion, fostering an atmosphere that encourages students to embrace the individuals God has created them to be. Uniforms are mandatory on all regular school days, with exceptions made for specified dress up/down days determined by the administration.

The success of our uniform policy relies on the shared responsibility of students, parents, and faculty in its enforcement. We appreciate the collaborative efforts of everyone involved in upholding this standard, as it contributes to the overall well-being and positive atmosphere of our school community. Thank you for your commitment to creating an environment where every student can flourish in their unique identity.